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3D Bioprinting

The new trend in medicine is the ability to build 3D structures containing living cells. Researchers and surgeons are now...
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3D Printing Medical Breakthroughs - And What They Mean For Us Vets

Look at the remarkable list of 3D-printed medical products and imagine the huge potential of applying these technologies in veterinary...
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Non – Adherence in Veterinary Medicine

Medicines will not work if you do not take them. Adherence to therapies is a primary determinant of treatment success. ...
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The robot era: What could be their role in veterinary medicine?

Robots are a staple of sci-fi movies and novels. But the evolution of technology will soon bring them to the...
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The Vet Futurist Team strives to provide context about technology in the Veterinary Field. We focus on providing a broad view to help veterinarians, companies and policymakers to achieve the most out of digital innovation.

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